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Accountability Report

You will be contacted by the Trust after your application has been considered.


Fill in the Report online below

We confirm that the funds received have been used for the purpose for which they were approved.

*Accountability Report Date:

*Funds Received Date:

*Name of Organisation/Applicant:

*On behalf of my organisation/myself this is to advise that the grant of $

Was used for the purpose of:

where appropriate please supply Financial details, photos etc. to support how the grant was expended

Responsible Officer:


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Please combine all the supporting documents into one file.

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*Signed (to be signed by Responsible Officer):



Until this duly completed form is received by the ŌCT, you will not be eligible for consideration for any further grants from the ŌCT.

Should your project not be completed on a timely basis, please supply an interim status report.

Please remember if your project does not proceed you must return your grant money to the ŌCT.

Please return via email to

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